CONFIRMED: Jack in the Box Testing Their Own Cronut-like Product


It was posted earlier on Reddit today that a Jack in the Box somewhere in California was testing their own brand of croissant donuts, a.k.a cronutsFoodbeast did some digging and found that they are in fact selling them in a Jack in the Box located in Ramona, Calif.

With the Croissant Donut craze growing over the last year, there have been lines out the door to get a hold of that sweet hybrid pastry. Now that Jack in the Box is quietly testing them, could this be the start of Cronuts being welcomed to the mainstream menu? If it saves me a three-hour wait just to satiate a craving, I’d be down with it.

The Croissant Donuts are available at $0.89 for one piece or $1.99 for three. If anyone from the area has tried them let us know how they taste compared to the real thing.

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  • SaladPotato

    I can’t exactly say for the legit thing, as this is the closest i’ve gotten to a cronut, but the first one i had I am sure was raw. It had crunch, but the inside was like bland french toast. The second was much better in terms of the cinnamon sugar flavor/texture of it, but overall not bad.

  • xmakinbaconx

    Cant wait to get my hands on those!!

  • Anonymous

    The 3 I got were all soggy raw dough inside.
    Never Again.
    I wish I had my $2.15 back.

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