LOL: McDonald’s Portugal Has Something Called the McPrego


Go ahead, call us immature Americans. At least now we have something to laugh about.

In typical foreign fast food fashion, McDonald’s Portugal has managed to tap its resources to create something truly inspired by — albeit significantly cheaper and more bad-for-you than — local tastes. It’s called the McPrego, which is trashy #Murican enough on its own, but also has the added benefit of a totally lol-worthy etymology. Turns out the Portuguese word “prego,” which refers to a steak sandwich on crusty bread roll (or a hamburger patty at Mickey D’s), also translates to “nailed.” Get it? Getttt ittttt?

If you’re into it, you can also get yours topped with an unfertilized egg.

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  • Hugo De Sousa Ferreira

    prego actually translated as nail. Nailed would be “pregado”. ;)

  • Bruno Cunha

    Prego means nail, not nailed! That’s kind of stupid argument!

  • Anonymous

    Like others have said, prego means nail. The reason for this name was because traditionally a meat mallet with nails was typically used to “nail” the garlic into the steak. In Portugal when you ask for a “prego no pao” you get a steak in a bun, and when you ask for a “prego no prato” you get steak on a plate, typically with fries and salad, and of course the egg on top.

  • zed

    I love when bloggers get it wrong…