Only in Australia: Bacon-Wrapped Alligator with a Whole Chicken in Its Mouth


Remember the cthuken? The festive Christmas dish featuring a chicken stuffed with octupus tentacles and garnished with bacon? Well, if you thought that land-to-beast main course was wild, Australia’s latest barbecue offering might rekindle your imagination. Spotted by @alixmcalpine, this unholy union packs an entire roasted chicken into the mouth of an entire bacon-wrapped alligator.

While the internet hasn’t unofficially named the 2-in-1 meal just yet, we have a few ideas. What do you call an alligator stuffed with an entire chicken? Hungry. Har har, we got dad jokes for days.

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  • Ben

    Crocodile, don’t be kooky Americans.

    • Nicky

      Based on the shape of the snout that’s an alligator. :) Just saying. Hehe.

    • Cady Scarborough

      This is an alligator. Crocs have a pointed snout.

    • Bubbsy

      They’re right – I lived all over Oz for a couple years, this is not a freshwater croc or a Saltie… it’s an alligator, and they don’t have alligators in Australia. Also, bacon in Australia is generally the British type of rashers (not like that). Something is fishy here. The chick that our writer lifted this from isn’t the source either, she probably just candidly called it “Australia” because she’s not familiar…. I don’t think Charisma knows any better either.


    Go one further. Wrap a pythong around the gator, wrap it in bacon too and put a suckling pig in the python’s mouth. Call it the Porkviathon.

  • Shaz

    Highly doubtful this is in Australia. We don’t have alligators!

    • Msharma

      Sorry, the caption should’ve read – croc

  • Burgermary

    Not Australian. Not that chick’s pic. She’s since deleted it. Update your article, update your tags.

  • Gatorpit Barbecue Pits

    That is Gator Pit’s photo and that is myself and a friend cooking that chicken stuffed bacon wrapped Gator from Southeast Texas. We did that for Discovery Channel’s King of the Grill episode that premiered June 2013 and has aired multiple times since.

    • Kimba

      Seriously, no correction yet? Come on.

  • Kathleen Kennedy

    That’s a gator, and it isn’t Louisiana or that chicken would be inside of a duck which would be inside of a turkey. That’s a baby gator too.

  • Anonymous


  • Stacey Maisch

    The allibacongator?

  • Msharma

    Omg. What’s next? An emu with a wombat on its back and a platypus in the emu’s mouth? Oh, and bacon wrapped around all three

  • Jason Clevett

    Alligators aren’t found in Australia. Fail.

  • Kathleen Roland

    They have crocs in Australia. Did they import to gator?