Sleek Superhero Ice Pops That Don’t Look Like Mutants


You’ve seen them, the pop culture-inspired popsicles typically found on ice cream trucks that don’t actually look anything like the characters they’re meant to resemble. You know, the ones with the gum ball eyes staring in two different directions and the bodies made up of melted, mutated goop.

Well, these minimalistic superhero pops designed by Netherlands-based graphic designer Chungkong are nothing like that. Sleek and instantly recognizable, they’re actually a follow-up to Chungkong’s other “pop” superhero series which re-imagined characters like Batman, The Hulk, Rorschach, and Wolverine as soda bottles.

Check out a few of our favorites below (the Captain America one is particularly ingenious), and then dream wistfully of the day such treats can become a reality. Ah, the joy of comic books.






H/T Mighty Mega

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