Um, Waffle-Breaded Chicken Patty with King’s Hawaiian Bun

Waffle Chicken

For the most part, a chicken sandwich can get pretty boring. You have bread, your chicken patty, some mayo and lettuce. Luckily, looks like the solution to your meh-worthy sandwich was right in front of your eyes and it’s honestly pretty sweet: cover that sucker in waffle mix.

Nick from Dude Foods, inspired by his waffle-breaded Chicken Nuggets and Waffle Wings, decided to expand on his chicken and waffles series by creating a Waffle-Breaded Chicken Sandwich. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: a chicken patty covered in a waffle batter. Once the waffle iron is nice and hot, he added the batter and placed a cooked breaded chicken patty on top and poured more waffle batter on top. After cooking the concoction for a few minutes, the chicken waffle patty was ready to eat.

Thrown onto a bun (Nick used King’s Hawaiian, obviously) and drizzled with syrup, his sandwich was ready to chow down on. Like everything from Dude Foods, this particular recipe is open for modifications and upgrades. Throw some cheese and a fried egg on there if you want. Slather on some Nutella for a chocolate chicken waffle sandwich… too far? Never.

H/T + Picthx Dude Foods

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