50% Off Pizza When You Order Online? We see you Domino’s


Who: Domino’s Pizza.
What: Customer’s get 50% off any pizza they order through Domino’s online.
Where: All participating locations. Anywhere with a Domino’s and internet.
When: Now until Sunday, Jan. 19.

Pete is a guy who enjoys comics, cartoons and crappy movies. Favorite foods include pizza, mexican and pretty much anything that has to do with breakfast. If the three were combined, it would be preferred. His browser history is filled with food porn.

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  • Linda Lovelush

    Nice, thanks for the heads up. But a question… is that 50% off any ONE pizza per order? Or EVERY pizza per order? Like if I were to online order (which I always do with Domino’s anyway) 5 pizzas…… would ALL of them be 50% off? Or just one?

    Inquiring minds want to know :)

    • Mike

      It would be all 5 pizzas, I just checked…you can just click the 50% off coupon over and over again and select each pizza as you go. All of your pizzas will be 50% off when you checkout.

      • Linda Lovelush

        Awesome, thanks!