The Portlandia Cookbook Coming in 2015, Will Include Famous ‘Colin the Chicken’ Recipe


Portlandia, the IFC show by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, is known for its hilarious takes on the charming, curious folks of Portland, OR.  As many die-hard viewers also know, the show is filled with some of the most memorable food sketches on television.

The Portlandia Cookbook will present “characters in the show and 50 related recipes” including allusions to the “Colin the Chicken” sketch and pickled everything.  Fans may even be able to snag the recipes for dishes like marionberry pancakes. Armisen and Brownstein have signed with Clarkson Potter to produce the book, which will contain “stories and sidebars” in addition to recipes. It’s slated for Spring 2015, but we’re willing to wait just like Fred and Carrie did for that well deserved brunch.

FYI to Portlandia fans out there: Season 4 starts on February 27.

H/T Eater

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    Bonus points if they put a bird (or two) on the cover! :D