World’s First Burrito Vending Machine Dispenses Instant $3 Burritos


Can a man love a machine? Well, if that machine immediately dispenses burritos, then I’d say heck yeah. The world’s first burrito kiosk, the Burrito Box is more than just your average, Twix-pumping vending machine. Using only 100% all-natural ingredients, this beauty is the closest thing we have to gas-station Chipotle.

According to Jenn Harris of LA Times, there’s five different burritos you can order from the kiosk: roasted potato with egg and cheese, egg and cheese with uncured bacon burrito, chorizo sausage egg and cheese, range chicken with beans and rice, and a shredded beef and cheese burrito.  Though you can’t customize your choices, you can add either sour cream ($0.50), Tabasco sauce ($0.60), or Wholly Guacamole ($0.75) separately.

Once you make your choice, you pay by credit card, sit through a quick video ad while your burrito heats up, and then pick up your order from the slot. Each burrito is about $3 each, not bad for a vending machine burrito.

Current Burrito Box locations: 

8380 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90069
Century City
10389 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90025
(Open Jan. 18)

Picthx Burrito Box

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  • Linda Lovelush

    Not. On. Your. Life.

  • Mathias Horrigan

    Looks like the best thing since sliced bread

  • Paxton

    I’m horribly torn between both of the responses below.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a good alternative to Taco Bell anyway. At least the machine is not going to spit on your food because you’re white and polite.

  • Rory

    Pre-made burritos? Come ooonnnn. Bring out a vending machine like the pizza vending machines that make it fresh to order, otherwise woop-de-doo