Starbucks Japan Unleashes Chocolate Pretzel Mochas


In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Starbucks Japan unveiled their latest limited-time treat: Chocolate Pretzel Mochas and Frappuccinos.

What do pretzels have to do with fat babies shooting pink arrows? BrandEating explains that the pretzel’s heart-shape coincides with the Valentine’s Day theme. I’d protest, but pretzels are damn delicious.

The Chocolate Pretzel Mocha features your standard mocha innards of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and whipped cream, plus crushed chocolate almond bits and pretzels. The Frappuccino version features the same ingredients but comes blended with ice and gets an additional whole pretzel as a topping.

The new coffee drinks debut January 15, 2014 and start at  430 yen ($4.09 US) for a tall Chocolate Pretzel Mocha, while the tall frappuccino will run you 490 yen ($4.67 US).

H/T + Picthx BrandEating

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  • VCQ

    Sounds awesome, but I hate to think of the calories involved! One of the things I loved about visiting Japanese Starbucks when I was stationed in Japan was seeing how the food and drink selections were different from back home (Starbucks Japan also has really cute regional mugs and seasonal gifts for cherry blossom season that make great souvenirs)