We’ve Found the Worst Toaster Design Ever [FAIL]


A toaster is an easy appliance to have a terrible relationship with. It can burn your bread and, if you have accident-prone friends like I do, it can burn down your house. Now, it can even disrespect you and spit your toast onto the floor.

This douchey toaster has the nerve to lob your toast like a pass to Blake Griffin. Why would anyone make a toaster that points forward instead of upward you ask? Because lowkey troll, probably. If you happen to be the unlucky owner of one of these unfortunate toasters, we suggest trading in your oven mitt for a catcher’s mitt, or putting a net over the top like a Wile-E Coyote trap.

Isai has eaten food practically his whole life, so writing about food came naturally to him. Isai likes to find the lighter side of all stories. He is a man who believes in the simple things in life like string cheese, Cactus Cooler, and tagless t-shirts.

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    That was awesome and I needed the laugh.

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    I think my toaster is best as compare to your.