Cupcake-Flavored Toothpaste For Never-Ending Dessert


The worst part of eating anything delicious is knowing the experience will eventually end, leaving your tongue miserably sweet/salty/bitter/sour/umami-less until the next time your princess of a stomach decides it’s ready to feast again.

Solution: cupcake-flavored toothpaste.

Squeeze one pea-sized dollop onto your dental-cleansing accoutrement of choice (a toothbrush, your finger, leftover french fries), and enjoy cupcake-fresh breath long after you’ve licked the last bits of frosting from your lips. Just keep it away from the dogs and younguns, mkay?

Cupcake-Flavored Toothpaste $5 @Perpetual Kid

H/T + Picthx Design Taxi

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