Unfortunately, This is What a Frozen McRib Looks Like


McDonald’s McRib is back on the menu, the infamous barbecue sauce-slathered pork-ish patty now available for a limited time. In the most timely of discoveries, Reddit user DJDanak claimed a friend of his who works at the chain snapped the above photo of “raw McRib meat.”

Judging from the boxes featured in the background, we’re assuming that the “Boeuf Canadien” is from the land up north. Naturally, this has prompted an onslaught of “McRibbed for Pleasure” cracks across the internet, while others are appalled that the guy in the photo didn’t use gloves. Thank goodness for priorities.


Although, we aren’t terribly surprised. If you were expecting the McRib to come delivered fresh off the farm, it’s time to lower you expectations.

H/T Gothamist + PicThx Reddit

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  • A. Nuran

    I don’t think my expectations for the McChitlin sandwich could get any lower

  • Joanne Read

    And? It is frozen food.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Anyone who is surprised by this doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality.

      Why even post a blog post about it? Might as well post something about how annoying it is that winter is cold in Minnesota or how extremely hot and humid weather can be uncomfortable for many people.

  • Dennis

    What the heck did you expect it to look like, rainbows and happiness? It’s a McDonalds McRib, not some locally sourced organic meat patty. Have you seen what their other frozen meats look like? C’mon

    • TK421

      All frozen meats look like that….don’t know wtf they were expecting.

      • Anonymous

        Hating on McDonalds is something nearly all food snobs seem to love to do. Even though it’s one of the most cliche activities for them.

        Food from McDonalds is pre-packaged, not “farm fresh”, not super healthy, OMFG make a blog post and share it on facebook!

        • Anonymous

          > Hating on McDonalds is something nearly all food snobs seem to love to do.

          You don’t have to be a food snob to despise McDonalds. You just have to know what food is.

          • Anonymous

            >You don’t have to be a food snob to despise McDonalds. You just have to know what food is.

            I’d love to hear more about how your definition of food is not snobby considering that from an objective perspective all edible items McDonald’s sells is by definition food.

            Do you enjoy it? Is it natural? Is it more nutritious than other food of equal cost? Those are all debatable and possibly valid points but to imply that McDonald’s doesn’t serve food is childish and snobby; sorry you can’t deal with that reality.

          • Anonymous

            Fine. I’m a snob.

            McDonalds’ “food” is garbage. If you eat it you’re an idiot; if you feed it to your children you’re an unfit parent.

            There’s your reality. Sorry if you can’t deal with it.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure why food snobs would care about McDonald’s. I mean, isn’t the food snobs’ area of interest, well, FOOD?

          Last I checked, McDonald’s doesn’t sell food; They sell wads of chemicals and leavings that sort of resemble food.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe if you saw what ribs actually look like you’d understand.

    • R-Cynic

      I think Monsanto actually engineered a tree that they grow on… can’t believe everything you hear though. I do love Monsanto’s “screaming corn” though… they taught it to feel pain and love by spicing in human DNA! Yum!

      • TeaPartyMustDie


        • R-Cynic

          Lol, just joking. The roundup-soaked foodstock can’t bee good for cancer rates, though. My intentions are more tongue-in-cheek, though. I have friends that have convinced themselves that Monsanto is evil and taking over the world, but I don’t have time for that crap. The whole world can be a conspiracy if you just look hard enough and suspend judgement…

  • Dave R.


  • R-Cynic

    Mmmmm… amalgamated animal residues, just like mom used to mass produce out of farm waste.

  • Anonymous

    I worked at McD’s over 20 years ago and the frozen McRib pictured looks the same as I recall. Any faux outrage at the appearance of frozen processed foods seems overblown. I suspect it’s a result of precious snowflakes never giving a thought about how food gets from farm to table and all the hard work that goes into making things easy for consumers

  • Anonymous

    they’re back?! on my way to get some!

  • McFilth

    I thought these things where shoveled in fresh off the McFarm every morning. I’m shocked and still hungry for one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Boots/690621350 Joey Boots

    I hope this kid who posted this pic is tracked down and water-boarded and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law for divulging corporate trade secrets – first it was Private Manning with WikiLeaks, then Snowden with the NSA and now this punk with McDonalds! #KeepYourMouthsShut

  • http://www.4chan.org/hc/ BirthHole

    Wow… someone writes an article slandering McDonalds. Be ready for this authors’ next dramatic piece condemning slavery.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it was run over by a front-end loader…LOVE the treadmarks!

  • Anonymous

    Well. What did you expect?
    That’s the thing about laws and dead meat: You just don’t want to know how they are made.

  • Cheryl Massey Williamson

    I heard Monsanto had engineered a chicken drumstick animal–no brain, no sensory organs, just drumsticks. And they regenerate. Salamander DNA–pretty cool, huh?

    • Austin

      If that’s not sarcasm, please stop talking. Think about whether something coming out of your mouth is even physically possible before you permanently paste it on the Internet with your name on it.

  • StanSki

    Ick. Only a fool would eat that crap.

    • Anonymous

      If you’ve eaten at any restaurant in your life that has a freezer in the kitchen, congratulations. You are that fool.

  • Steve

    And it still tastes amazeballs.

  • Dan

    Been this way for atleast 7-8 years. I worked for McDonalds for 5. This is pretty common in most any fastfood, applebees setting. Mostly everything there is precooked and flash frozen and gets shipped in.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who is worried about waste and efficiency and global food supplies and all that other trendy hipster bullshit should be praising the efficiency in processing that is the McRib

  • http://www.thevulgarchef.com/ The Vulgar Chef

    still want