The ‘Big King’ is Burger King’s New ‘Big Mac’ Imitation, Here’s What it Looks Like


It’s called the Big King, it’s new to the Burger King menu, and it looks adorably similar to the infamous Big Mac, McDonald’s most famous burger offering.

GrubGrade blog reminds us that we haven’t seen this burger since in the 90s, and that the Big King has likely been off the menu for over a decade. There are even Facebook pages dedicated to drumming up hype around its revival.

The Big King nestles two fire-grilled beef patties under a sesame seed bun, a slice of American cheese, iceberg lettuce, onions, pickles, and thousand isle style dressing. Oh yeah, they even have that obligatory Big Mac-esque middle bun for all the carb-counters to pull out.

All the current collateral for this piece notes that it is available for a limited time only.

H/T GrubGrade

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  • TotalTwathead

    Had one last night after checking out their menu online and seeing it was listed. Wasn’t too bad, nothing amazing though.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Angry Whopper wished they carried it all the time

  • Linda Lovelush

    There is only one Big Mac. BK can keep this one.

  • Aaron Lane Knoll

    The Big Mac is a rip off of the Big Boy Burger (look it up if you don’t believe me). The Big Mac is also a poor man’s Big Carl from Carl Jr.’s. McDonald’s offers the worst version of this Burger. Of course Burger King’s version will be better than the so called “original” Big Mac.

    • Linda Lovelush

      Yeah, but it’s the taste. The flavor. You don’t get that flavor from anywhere other than McDonald’s. It can’t even be duplicated at home. Believe me, I’ve tried and I’ve tried the other burgers that are similar. None of them compare to the Big Mac.

      It’s a matter of taste, I guess. Some people prefer the taste of the other ‘big mac’ish’ type burgers. Some people prefer the taste that you get only from McDonald’s. This has been a favorite sandwich of mine since I was a kid and no other taste comes close. I’m not saying it’s the BEST taste – I’m just saying it’s the taste I prefer and I haven’t found it anywhere else.

      Damn, lots of taste in this post, LOL. I just made myself hungry.

      • Derek Djdg Gillett

        How big is your pantry of chemicals and artificial ingredients? I’m sure if you threw a couple 15-syllable compounds on some perfectly fine ground beef along with some filler substance, flash froze it for anywhere from a month to a year, and then heated it up in some sort of micro-oven from the 90s, you’d have a McD’s burger ready to go.

        • Linda Lovelush

          Actually I eat whole foods most of the time. I cook a lot of homemade meals, eat fruits and veggies and lean meats and whole grains… but dammit, I want something sinful now then!

  • Greg Holland

    I’m no McDonald’s fan, but they have the superior burger here, I’m sad to say. I just had a “big” king and the beef patty was barely bigger than the pickle, I am not kidding