Burger King Japan’s New Ninja Burger Comes with a Huge Hulking Slab of Bacon


Bacon might be the least “ninja” ingredient out there. Aside from being bright-ass red, its scent alone has the power to send every fat kid (or fat kid at heart) running from within at least a three mile radius. Still, we wouldn’t want our ninja burgers made any other way.

Starting October 25, Burger King Japan is rolling out a black-bunned hamburger called the “Black Ninja.” Like most of the country’s other chromatically-challenged eats, the BN gets its hue from the bamboo charcoal used to make it, which in this case, also happens to impart a nice smoky smell. But the weirdness doesn’t stop there.

Nope. Because apparently the “ninja” theme here isn’t so much “sneaky” as “hidden in plain sight,” the Black Ninja comes fully loaded with a Whopper patty, fresh onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, hash browns, and a huge hulking slab of – you guessed it – BERCERN.

[Insert joke about high blood pressure being the REAL sneaky killer, here]

H/T + PicThx Narinari

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry but that ain’t bacon.

  • Christian M. Goyette

    That right there is Ham not bacon.

  • Sharphead

    You see, to get pagehits you say “Bacon” instead of “Ham” because as we all know, there is a cult following for “Bacon” and not “Ham”. I’m not sure how appealing a black bun might be, I certainly would not be trying this if I headed over to Japan.

  • http://tastychomps.com/ Tasty Chomps

    that looks like ham but maybe itis a country style bacon slab…like pork belly slab.


  • Jandro

    Sounds like all of these comments are Canadians correcting Americans about Canadian Bacon :p