Burger King Launches Reduced-Fat, Reduced-Calorie French Fries


In an attempt to offer patrons their own version of “guilt-free” snacking, Burger King is introducing Satisfries to the menu. The new item features crinkle-cut fries with “40% less fat than McDonald’s French Fries” (11.2 g vs. 6.3 g per 70 g serving) and “30% fewer calories than McDonald’s French Fries” ( 226.8 calories vs. 150.5 calories per 70 g serving).

Burger King assures that Satisfries is still made with “real whole potatoes.” Apparently, the fries are made using a special recipe that enables them to absorb just enough oil to keep their outside crispy, but still less oil than usual.

While Burger King’s reduced-fat and reduced-calorie fries are an interesting addition for a fast food chain, I’m still a bit wary. I like my fries laden in all that bad-for-you excess, they are fries after all. Still, for those of you willing to give these a go, Satisfries will be available at every Burger King nationwide starting September 24. You can swoop up a value size for $1.29, a small for $1.89, a medium for $2.09  and a large for $2.29, with prices varying depending on location. 


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  • Anonymous

    Anything crinkle cut – no thanks!
    Anything “reduced fat” – no thanks!

  • Linda Lovelush

    I don’t go to a fast food restaurant to eat healthy, LOL. If I want ‘healthy’ fries, I’ll make them at home.

    Not to mention I’m a little skeptical about what’s ON those fries to keep them from absorbing as much oil. If you throw something into the fryer, it will absorb as much oil as it needs to cook. If you throw something into the fryer that doesn’t absorb as much oil that the rest of the stuff is absorbing, that’s scary.

    “Special recipe”, ehhhh, nope.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone tried these yet? I agree Linda, my concern is what kind of chemistry is involved with these modified fries!

  • Andrzej Muzaj

    So, now they’re made of potatoes?