The ‘McEverything’ Stacks Every Single McDonald’s Burger & Costs $140


Let’s take a moment to echo the thoughts of Nick over at Dude Foods: Why didn’t this happen earlier?

Yes, Nick, the man who brought you Waffle-Wrapped Bacon Chicken WingsSweet & Sour Chicken in a Wonton Cone, and the infamous Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich, has out done himself once again. Although, at this point, are you really surprised?

Inspired to finally check off the “number one thing” on his bucket list, Nick ventured to a McDonald’s in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to take on the McEverything. A creation of his own imagination, he rolled through 30 minutes prior to the end of breakfast service and ordered 43 different sandwiches (the number of sandwiches the chain offered at the time). The total came out $141.33, or $140.33 without the inclusion of a Diet Coke he added to the order.


Nick then proceeded to stack the sandwiches on top of one another with bamboo skewers, correction: “lots and lots of bamboo skewers.” The result was a thing of beauty, as you can see from the photos, and enough leftovers to take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week.

PicThx DudeFoods


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  • McFilth

    Including the diet Coke is hilarious

  • Linda Lovelush


    • Anonymous

      Pointless isnt it….

      • Anonymous


      • Linda Lovelush

        It’s more silly than anything else, LOL

  • iPadCary

    McDonald’s should make a “Big MaXXX”:
    same as a Big Mac but with 3 burgers instead of just the one.
    And the appropriate amount of additional bun, too.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh another glorious waste of food! Did anyone eat this gross mess? I doubt it, did he give out sandwiches to hungry or homeless after he millisecond in the spotlight? I doubt it. Sick statement on our society in every way…..

    • Anonymous

      Boooooooooo! You are a killjoy.

  • Anonymous

    Some minimum wage workers had to make all this crap so this guy could get on the internet and soak up all the glory.

    • Anonymous

      What is your point? Are you angry that the minimum wage worker has a job or are you mad that you don’t have as much internet glory as this guy?

      • Anonymous

        I am angry that you are so dumb that my one sentence comment needs to be explained to you.
        Do you really think this is glorious? Just relax.

        • Anonymous

          It is so weird that you are mad that someone walked in a McDonalds, paid money, got food, and the workers that made it received money for doing so. Just calm down a little.