This Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Has Caramel Peach Ice Cream

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s tough to keep up with all the trendiest desserts, because people are cranking out new drool-worthy concoctions every day. But trust us, we ain’t complaining. However, there is a level of dessert genius that’s pretty rare to achieve (see: Cronuts or Oreo-stuffed cheesecake brownies), and the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich fits the bill.

This treat is the dessert child of LA’s The Churro Borough, featuring caramel peach ice cream (we know: WUT) in between two fresh, cinnamon-and-sugar-laden churros. It’s the stuff of dreams, really.

So if you’re in the LA area, checking out The Churro Borough is a must. As for the rest of us, we’ll just continue drooling.

H/T + PicThx LA Mag

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