So Apparently, Your Applesauce Pack Has a Built-in Spoon [VIDEO]

We’ve all been there, stranded with a pack of applesauce and not a single spoon in sight. Top-shelf caliber first world problem, for sure.

What’s a poor young lad to do when they’re stranded at school, work or even on the road with apple sauce or pudding and no utensil to eat it with? Well, using just a few twists of the foil lid, you’ll quickly realize that each snack pack actually comes complete with a built-in spoon. Just make sure you clean off the top of the lid, who knows what kind of dust-mites might be on it!

I’d try and say something witty here like, “Spoons…don’t leave home without ‘em.” But apparently, if you have an applesauce pack, it’s built-in, and you’re already covered:




Photo/Video by PhilGorgeous

Via Reddit/IRunOverThings

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  • Jishua

    Fucking stupid.

  • Jess

    I used to actually do something similar in grade school. So instead of this fancy twisting, I’d fold up the lid like a taco shell. Just makes you realize applesauce can usually be slurped up with a straw.

  • Anonymous


  • Chase Jones

    I do this daily, only instead of the twisting, all you have to do is fold in each side so it’s about 1/3 the size. Plus, that way you have a flat side and slightly rounded end- perfect for scraping out every last drop.

  • Mike

    ouch my teeth