This ‘Bacon Boss Burger’ Has Over 400 Bacon Strips and 109,165 Calories

What has more than 400 bacon strips, over 100,000 calories and over 9,000 grams of fat? The homemade Boss Bacon Burger, that’s what.

Over-the-top YouTube cooking show Epic Meal Time have managed to piece together one of their most frightfully gully sandwiches to date. The buns are custom made, the patties are made from a ground beef and ground bacon mix, with a humongous pocket of pure bacon strips in the middle, topped with a homemade bacon cheese sauce, a root beer Jack Daniels sauce poured on a mountain of 400 additional strips of bacon.

Without further ado, a bacon burger taken to the very, very next level:

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    What an imbecilic waste of food.

  • Matthew Mantz