How to Make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage…Shot [VIDEO]

Tired of your average earthly cocktails? Why not make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage? All you have to do is fill a shot glass with peach schnapps about halfway. Then pour in some Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of that so that the shot is practically full. Now, carefully add a little bit of blue curacao. Finally, after everything settles, throw in a couple drops of grenadine syrup.

Then all that’s left to do is to sit back and wait for the ladies to stop by your table and say “Oh, what a cool drink! Can I get your number?”

Okay, maybe that’s pretty unlikely, but at least you have a pretty sick ice breaker.

via: LatinRapper Photo: Martin Williams

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  • eric

    i use to make the regular brain hemorrhage (no blue curacao). to give it more of a brain look, pour the baileys over an upside down spoon

  • Priscilla

    ahahaha! i love that everyone sounds drunk and the camera is unstable and that it looks so disgustingly delicious! :D

    p.s. “bless you” to the guy that burped ;)

  • Mel Forbes

    This dude on TipsyBartender has the best Alien Brain Hemorrhage ever!