Pizza Hut Brings Back The $10 Any Pizza Deal

Pizza Hut Thin Veggie Original $10 Pizza Deal

You might have already seen the ads on television, Pizza Hut is bringing back its $10 Any Pizza Deal for a limited time. A rep for Pizza Hut told FOODBEAST that the deal would last at least until Super Bowl XLVI or February 5th for you non-sports fans. That’s right people. Any size. Any of the 12 toppings. Any Signature Crust – Pan, Hand Tossed or Thin n’ Crispy. NOTE: Stuffed Crust WILL cost you extra. For 10 bucks.

Pizza Hut has also started a new Facebook Contest for Pizza Lovin’ singers who want to create their own version of the new ’10 Dollar Pizza Song’ which will appear in a future national commercial. For those interested check out the Pizza Hut Facebook Page for more information and the chance to win Pizza Hut Pizza for a year. Maybe we should give it a try…


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  • Zutronic

    Nice! I loved it when they had this deal before! Such an awesome deal!

  • Cendecon

    Awesome! If only there was a pizza hut near me!!! But for sake of my resolution, I’m kind of glad there’s not!