Taco Bell Testing Shells Made of Nacho Cheese Doritos?

According to several reports, it appears that Taco Bell has begun testing  Doritos Locos Tacos, a new menu item that places the familiar Taco Bell ingredients into a shell made entirely of Nacho Cheese Doritos. A YouTube video dated back to July 14 of 2010 reveals that this product isn’t necessarily new, but seems to be still going through test markets for proper research.

No indication has been made that this will be a nationally available menu item, but the idea behind the proves to be an interesting one for fans of both Doritos and Taco Bell. The idea of a shell made entirely of Doritos opens the flood gates for various flavors of taco shells, Cooler Ranch anyone?

Earlier today, our friends at GrubGrade surfaced a few more shots of the taco from a Toledo, Ohio location. The main talent in the evidence video posted below claims the taco is “Everything I expected and more,” and several bites and chews later thumbs up an off-screen buddy to acknowledge his approval of the new item.

What do y’all think? Delicious concept? Is this available in your area? If not, would you like it to be? Speak on it in the comments!

UPDATE 04/14/2011: Taco Bell’s Facebook page has uploaded an official image regarding the Taco, confirming it and pointing fans to the Toledo, OHIO location mentioned above if they’re interested in tasting the Doritos-flavored shell.

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

  • TacoSmell

    um, yea a, that’s disgusting

  • Chodeci


  • Anonymous

    While I wouldn’t mind having Doritos in my Burrito, I don’t know how’d I like it as the actual shell for the taco given their rather strong flavor. I mean you’d only have the lettuce to balance out the salt from the meat, the cheese, and the shell.

  • http://twitter.com/ocmexfood Christian Ziebarth

    Here you can see the picture of the Doritos Locos poster I took in September:


  • GWMama

    Be still my heart! YES, I’d eat this taco!

  • Rollnwrapz

    Taco Shells made from Doritos Movement


    A letter was sent to Frito Lay read it and their reply in discussions


  • Todd Mills

    There is a campaign for this on Facebook for the last 2 years… it’s awesome http://www.facebook.com/cheesyshells

  • Amy Longo

    Been a fan for a long time!!


  • Imgross Org

    haha i love this! making great food better with another great food is a good way to do business! reminds me of this classic simpsons clip.



  • Sheen-ius

    Hell yeah id eat one #winning

  • http://profiles.google.com/denabena92 Dena Stewart

    I. Want. One.

  • Dre

    They are here in Toledo, OH., and they are awesome.

  • Kev

    Come on! I need this TODAY! Forget test marketing, start mass producing these by thr millions and dump them all in my fat stomach.

  • Queenjoyce1

    I would like to know why all fast food chains does not use gloves when preparing your food. With all the viruses, swine flu and the sort going around, you would think it would be a law passed that wearing gloves is not a choice, but mandatory!!!!

    • Jimbodini1

      I work at a very upscale steakhouse and we use gloves with everything we handle-(and that’s out of the public eye!) I agree with you…not to mention the quality of the “people” hired to do these jobs! I have not eaten fast food of any kind since my second bout with food poisoning from Taco Bell alone.

    • guest

      what makes you think they don’t?? most states and brands do require gloves and utensils to prevent bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food

  • Jimbodini1

    now that we know the taco meat is questionable, what should we know about the ingredients that go into Doritos? I personally think that Doritos is connecting themselves to a very shady company and will be bitten in the ass on this one soon.

    • Anonymous

      Taco Bell has been using Fritos for a while, and both Doritos and Fritos are Frito-Lay products, so I doubt it.

    • Stan

      hopefully at this point you found out that the meat was fine and you didn;t know what you were talking about. Instead of jumping to conclusions and believing everything you read wait a bit and look for more information. these will be good!

    • Stan

      hopefully at this point you found out that the meat was fine and you didn;t know what you were talking about. Instead of jumping to conclusions and believing everything you read wait a bit and look for more information. these will be good!

  • Dre

    They are here. They are delicious. Not too strong, or overbearing, just really good.


  • Anonymous

    I hope we get these in NY Taco Bell’s, they look great.

  • Vivtruke

    I really hope we get it in Omaha NE! Looks really good!

  • Kia

    bring them to Portland, OR.

  • Darkend_skies

    Oh My God!!!! I’m practically addicted to Doritos and make late night Taco runs many nights, I must have this. Need to sate my new hunger for Doritos Locos Tacos, bring to Columbus, OH now please!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/userlevel6 James Moore

    I had two of these today, supreme style, and they were delicious. However, I was disappointed with the fragility of the shell! Not up to usual Taco bell standards, the first disintegrated in my hand on the first bite. I ate the second by holding it together with the cardboard shell it was served in. Make the shell thicker and I’d order these again, otherwise it’s the regular ones for me.





  • http://profiles.google.com/todd.mills Todd Mills

    Taco Shells Made From Doritos Movement had been going strong since 2009… check it out! http://www.facebook.com/cheesyshells

  • http://latenightfoodrun.com Christa

    I just had it and it’s pretty good..if you want to read my review and see pictures of it visit my site http://latenightfoodrun.com/2011/09/taco-bell-doritos-locos-taco-review/

  • Goldenheir00

    Bring them to South Houston, Texas. They look amazing.

  • michael asskowski


  • Alvarezj_95

    I live by Fresno, CA, and they have them here. It’s cuz we’re like 70% mxican aha

  • REDARMY1215