Hardee’s Reveals 5-Item $5 “Big Box Lunch” [DEAL]

Hardee’s is jumping head first into their deal-making game, offerring up a rather hefty $5 BIG BOX LUNCH deal which includes two double cheeseburgers, an order of Natural-Cut Fries, a fried apple pie and a 20-oz. beverage of your choice in a new easy-carry box.

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  • Elizabeth

    This would be a good lunch for two people. Both get a burger and then they each get either the pie or the fries. For $5, it’s genius! :)

    • http://twitter.com/foodbeast foodbeast.com

      Yeah it’s a grip of food! Hopefully something like this drops for those that have Carl’s Jr. in their areas

  • Stephen

    When I work the 12-8 shift I get this on my way into work. I eat it for lunch and dinner. It is awesome!


    How many calories does the $5 box lunch have?

  • faye

    Today was the first time I tried the box lunch and was very disappointed. The meal was not in a box, but a bag, the fries was so salted I could not eat them, the bun was burnt and I did not get an apple pie. I will not purchase another box lunch.

  • Cate_1969

    faye – all of this could happen on any given day in fast food.  It doesn’t sound like it’s the fault of the big box.  Which I think is a great idea in hard economic times.

  • nursejen

    Give me a break! Maybe everyone can just get even fatter.

  • Jschults21

    Is this available all day?

  • Kage_hono

    According to the hardy’s website this box meal has 1500 calories and 92 grams of fat, which makes 3 meals for 5 dollars

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Schmoey/100002185973510 Joey Schmoey

    I feel a throbbing pain in my arm…

    • Cthom5753

      Hope you’re not having a heart attack!  Which arm? 

  • Current

    the Hardees in my area has has one cheeseburger and one roast beef sandwich in this.

  • Rick Verbael

    You call what they serve as a hamburger A Hamburger ?
    Friggin gross and tastes like crap.